MindArt® is both a company and an inner attitude.

We are a team that represents moving change. People and organizations are live organisms that are faced with the constantly ongoing challenge to further develop themselves.

We work with people, teams und companies helping with sustainable, effective and profound transformations. Transformation breaks down barriers that inhibit movement, flexibility and agility.

Rolf Krizian founded MindArt® 15 years ago as a GmbH. In March of 2020 Rolf Krizian and Oliver Winkel founded the MindArt® partner association. With this new association we concentrate our strengths and competencies to offer our clients an even more comprehensive service in developing personalities and cultures.

Our expertise

  • lies with the human, individually and in organizations, as a carrier and provider of change and therefore of the success of the organization
  • are organizations as places of change, of efficacy and the common well-being in times of high-performance


Change, no matter if individual or collective, is challenging. In our long professional history we have experienced change from the most diverse perspectives as coaches, therapists, mediators, trainers, instructors and organizational developers. Some have turned out to be sustainable, some as very short-lived. Our experience has shown us that when both the individuals and collective consciously live and experience change, then it will be more sustainable.

To achieve peak performance, conscious and concentrated action is needed. Individual consciousness is a necessary requirement for transformation, collective consciousness transforms an organization into a flexible lively organization that reaches its goals far easier. Therefore individuals, teams and the whole organization have to consciously reflect and rethink their actions again and again - to match what is necessary in that moment, what their goals are and the high order purpose. That is what we stand for with passion - when we are working with individuals, with teams and with organizations.

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