How we work

We are united by a diverse methodological origin and a common approach and working method. The methodological dimensions, the origin of the working method and our attitude come primarily from systemic consulting and the systemic perspective as well as humanistic psychology, especially the Hakomi® method.

We work in a consciousness-oriented way.

Awareness allows us to observe what is happening in our inner world at the moment. This offers immense advantages. Automatics can be recognized earlier. A choice and freedom to act beyond the automatic arise.

We work in an experiential way.

Our way of working is experiential in all fields in which we are active. Theory alone does not guarantee learning that leads to novel action. People and organizations need new and different experiences to implement or internalize new things.

We work along the self-organization of people and organizations.

People and organizations are self-organized. We organize ourselves around our experiences, in a permanent conscious and unconscious effort to get along as well as possible with the environment around us. Seen in this light, people and organizations as they are are a wonderful success story. Sometimes people and organizations stumble when environmental conditions change and learned automatisms do not lead to the desired results. We stand for developing the self-organization of individuals, teams or organizations in such a way that goals and a sense of well-being in peak performance can be achieved.

We work based on neuroscience.

All experiences made, which an individual has stored as relevant, are stored in the emotional experience memory and equally in the senso-motor center. The emotional evaluation of all our learning experiences is the basis of our self-organization and thus relevant for organizations. An awareness of one's own as well as the organizational self-organization is the first step of a transformation.

We work integratively.

As individuals and as a team, we integrate many years of business experience with sound methods from therapy, coaching, mediation and change management for individual and collective and in any case individually designed change processes. Standard solutions usually only fit standard problems and often not the individuality of people and organizations. We carefully select methods and approaches, integrate them to form connectable processes and iteratively adapt the approach to what is needed.

Our attitude and approach to people, organizations and change.

Our deep concern is to respectfully support people and organizations in their development. Appreciation of what has gone before and a non-violent approach to inevitable barriers and resistance to change are particularly important to us.

Our professional self-image.

We work on and for people. This also means that we place high demands on our own development. For all coaches, team coaches, trainers and cultural developers, several years of training from different schools are as natural as knowing companies from the inside and from the outside. We develop together with intervision and have ourselves individually supervised regularly in our work. We closely monitor the quality and effectiveness of our work with clients and customers in terms of the goals we strive for.

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