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The success of organizations ist dependent on the efficacy of people. Individual and collective efficacy work hand in hand. Next to the undeniably important professional capabilities, efficacy depends very much on the ability of the employee of active self-control and -regulation.

Even in times of change or crisis, developed personalities are capable of acting with care and order, cooperate productively and flexibly with others and strive for the overarching aims as well as use existing structures of strategy implementation. Herefore, good interaction with emotions is essential. Learn more about our inhouse seminars on personality development.

Organizations behave similar to people, they are living organisms consisting of a number of different people. Just as humans do, organizations develop patterns, born out of experiences from the past, that were helpful at the time of development to ensure the success or even existence of the business. These patterns are stored in the unconscious of the business and retrieved automatically again and again.

Maybe you experience this common theme of your organization (e.g. mistakes are always blamed on other departments). And maybe you have also made the experience that such patterns are difficult to change by verbally addressing them. Learn more about our approach to structured and sustainable culture development.

Inhouse Training

Our inhouse seminars for personality development cover traditional and current topics and are finely tuneable depending on the development needs of the staff and the organization. Our trainings contribute to the effective development of your organizational culture.

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Culture development

With our universal approach to culture development you align the collective behaviour of your organization with your needs that stem from your strategy and structure - for a more agile performance and change culture through more committed and satisfied employees. 

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