For Individuals

The working environment is becoming more and more complex and professional requirements are changing faster than ever. Your own efficacy in this world is not solely dependant on your technical skills anymore.

Fast changing, expanding oder completely new requirements are leading to a growing importance of more human qualities to develop and display your efficacy. When things becomes more complex, there is a need for character to not lose yourself and others.

Mature personalities are capable of acting cautiously, fostering cooperation when things get difficult, developing stagnating colleagues, constructively solving conflicts and therefore allowing for good performance, even in the face of stressful complexity.

Our performance domains for individuals - coaching, meditation, education and training courses - are directed to all leaders and employees, who want to develo their personal range. Personal range development means developing your own personality. Our understanding of development is, to enable our coachees and participants to gain a deeper understanding of their own personality.

There are good reasons why we have become the people we are today, developed our personalities the way they have developed - to make this conscious is the starting point of development. Furthermore, these are fun learning processes and they can be pleasurable - instead of memorizing techniques that cannot really be used in day-to-day life because they do not fit to your personality or are impeded by your unconscious.


Coaching serves as a basis of expanding your range, to make use of possibilities that were not viable previously.

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When interactions become difficult and stagnant or cease completely: meditation for an easy and constructive cooperation.

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Our open seminar program for personality development that will help you in your professional and personal life.

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Coaching Training

Our coaching education recognized by the DBVC.

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