Team Mediation

Teams are complex structures made up of people who often react automatically to each other. These automatic reactions can be very beneficial and release bundles of energy as well as create a common ambition, develop identity and create a good climate for high-performance.

Sometimes the dynamics between people also create unpleasant feelings and states that are spread throughout the team in just the same way as helpful states. In this case the dynamics inhibit performance and well-being. Distancing can occur, interpersonal walls are built up and cooperation is scarce or non-existent up to the point of hostility.

Team mediations serve the purpose of working on and transforming automativ behaviors that inhibit well-being and performance. We have never made the experience that unpleasant dynamics between members of a team are consciously wanted. They happen anyway though, because we are emotional beings who act quickly and automatically sometimes.


When there are problems within a team, conflicts under the surface build up and escalate, team mediation can be a helpful way to break down barriers, engage in a good dialog and use the available energy for the purpose of making people in teams happy.

Team mediation is a clearly structured and very individually adjusted process depending on the conflict. After a thorough clarification of the task at hand with the responsible parties, as well as a short interview with the members of the team, a process is developed that will reduce the constraints and help the people in the team work together effectively again.

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