Leadership intelligence: leading yourself and others intelligently

Why this seminar?

Successful leadership is still largely dependent on the personal maturity and human qualities of the leader.

At the same time, the demands on leaders and on all those who want to assume responsibility for their role will become very demanding in the future:

  • Currently aggravating external influences that are incalculable in advance, such as global political crisis situations, resulting supply chain problems, inflation-related cost increases, etc. These influences increase the pressure on managers to lead effectively and successfully and to achieve good results.
  • New forms of work such as agility, self-organization and home office as a sign of more employee participation create new challenges for leaders. Leadership principles that have proven themselves in the past often collide with future challenges and thus reach their limits.
  • The shortage of skilled workers and growing complexity create additional pressure: old behaviors characterized by hierarchical-authoritarian ideas reduce the likelihood of leadership success in these contextual conditions.
  • The coming generations are constantly placing new and unprecedented demands on leadership and cooperation.

This increases the demands on the personal maturity of managers. An adequate response to the demands of dealing with ambiguity and complexity therefore lies in the personality of the respective leader. Social and emotional intelligence become important effective factors of the respective leadership role: Leading oneself and others - leadership intelligence.

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is aimed at all those who lead or want to lead - whether directly with personnel responsibility, professionally as a project manager or in another function. Leaders in agile roles, such as POs, Scrum Masters or similar functions, will be enabled in our leadership intelligence training to develop as much performance as possible with their team. The training is especially valuable for experts and employees in complex structures. They need leadership intelligence and will benefit from this training. Also for employees who want to develop themselves for current or future tasks, our leadership trainings are a personal gain.

Goals: It's all about people

  • Measured against your role and the associated tasks, you will behave more consciously and confidently in complex situations. You will act more flexibly and - according to the requirements - more appropriately. As a result, you will achieve more leadership effectiveness and subsequently better results.
  • You develop the ability to act authentically and robustly even in difficult moments. Sovereign first and foremost internally, authentic and clear externally.
  • You can build good long-term relationships; for more courage, trust, cooperation and effectiveness.
  • They recognize themselves and their personality structure much more comprehensively. You get a clear understanding of why you react in certain, recurring situations the way you do and not differently. You will be provided with tools that will enable you to exert a more targeted influence in the future.
  • You develop the ability to face difficult people or situations with tolerance and clarity.


  • Psychological foundations of essential personality qualities such as courage, confidence, self-knowledge and realistic self-perception.
  • Deeper understanding of subjectivity in self-perception and perception of the world
  • Expanding personal bandwidth in relationship building
  • Mindfulness as an efficient inner attitude and social technique
  • Self-regulation through modern, sound embodiment tools from neurobiological research
  • Proven levels of stress regulation
  • Deep self-knowledge and understanding about own thinking, feeling and behavior patterns
  • Understanding and consciously controlling unconscious behavior and automatic reactions

Benefit for the participants

  • You become more confident and relaxed in dealing with yourself and others
  • The effectiveness of your communication improves
  • You get to know yourself better in depth, understand your own reactions and behaviors better and can control yourself better, even when it gets difficult
  • You get a blueprint for dealing with personal challenges, understand your personal development as a process and can control it consciously and independently
  • You have more flexibility in difficult situations
  • You improve your resilience and emotional stress management skills
  • You increase your effectiveness in your role as a leader

Benefit for the company

  • More effective leadership culture through leadership-intelligent managers who have a positive impact on employer branding
  • The changed approach to problem solving and goal achievement becomes a grassroots movement, benefiting the corporate culture
  • Better MA leadership means you waste less capacity: leadership-intelligent personalities get tangled up less and create a safe and productive work atmosphere for satisfied and effective employees
  • To embed leadership intelligence as a basic training in your corporate PE/leadership development, please feel free to contact us: Contact.

Mode of operation and procedure of the training

We are interested in long-term development processes and therefore work experience-oriented. Real development requires precision and time. An exercise-intensive approach with an exploratory character, as well as coaching sequences in small groups, enable experiences that take into account the individual concerns of the participants and allow them to experience sustainable development with all their senses. Our approach is supported by mindfulness as the basis for increased self-awareness and genuine personal development.

Part 1 (4 days): Self-knowledge, self-regulation, self-leadership, courage.

Part 2 (3 days): Relationship building, cooperation, trust

Part 3 (1 day): Transfer and future day

Hybrid or virtual sessions take place between seminars to deepen content, clarify questions and accompany development through professional supervision.

What is this seminar not?

Our seminar is not a surface polish with entertainment character. We deliberately avoid standardized personality models with color or letter clusters in order to avoid pigeonholing. Rather, our aim is to explore oneself and others on the basis of observation anchors, to sharpen one's view and perception of the individual, and thus to build open, explorative leadership awareness. We impart competencies in order to be able to solidly shape the expedition of personality development.


Scope: Total 8 days (4 days part 1, 3 days part 2, 1 day part 3, plus supervision between the attendance blocks)
Type: Presencetaining with virtual supervision accompaniment
Dates: Part 1: 08.-11.11.2023, Part 2: 17.-19.11.2023, Part 3: tbd
Location: MindArt® Seminar room Speyer
Trainer: Oliver Winkel, Roland Wagner (What if you fly)
Participant: Max. 12
Investment: € 4.200,00, each plus VAT, plus accommodation and meals
Registration: ... or get in touch with a trainer here
Language: German. Available as english inhouse training upon request.
Curriculum: Download (pdf)

Leadership Intelligence is a collaboration product of MindArt® and whatifyoufly?

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