Cooperation & Partner

What we do

At MindArt® we focus on personality and culture development. Even though almost all of us have many years of experience as coaches, mediatiors and trainers in addition to sound internal and external corporate experience as change managers or personnel developers and are trained Hakomi® therapists - we stick to our focus.

Dealing with exhaustion and stress is culturally relevant

In cultural development projects and the accompanying personality development, individual difficulties often arise among managers and employees in dealing well with pressure and stress, which cannot be solved by our work alone. In many companies, especially extremely high-performing people in special, long-lasting pressure situations suffer from a lot of exhaustion and burn-out precursors. In this field we cooperate with Roland Wagner's whatifyoufly? and his team of trainers to be able to offer a truly comprehensive and professional service.

Highly professional burn-out prevention meets personality and cultural development

What connects some of us MindArties with Roland's whatifyoufly? is not only a long friendship and similar visions for the future of work, but also the common basis of the Hakomi® method. The program of whatifyoufly? and MindArt® is to use depth-psychological, experience-oriented and mindfulness-based approaches in an effective way. The combination of highly effective burn-out prevention of whatifyoufly? and the cultural and personal development competence of MindArt® is a safe and reliable offer for our customers to maintain or increase satisfaction, well-being and performance of their own organization, even and especially when it becomes difficult.

We are very excited about this cooperation and the joint journey of whatifyoufly? and MindArt®.

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