Deep Transformation Coaching is process-guidance in confidence. Personal topics and/or topics that concern the function or role in your company, can be the subject of coaching.

There are many different occasions for coaching. One could be a conscious decision: you are stuck in a situation that you experience as being so problematic that, presumably after some unsuccessful atempts on your own, you would like help with.Then it is time to look for solutions in areas and on levels, that you have not considered before. This way, whatever has been holding you back, can be transformed so that you achieve what you want to achieve.

Possible occasions for coaching are:

  • Difficulties with colleagues
  • Difficulties with your boss
  • Communication and/or cooperation problems, with colleagues and other peers
  • Problems completing the requirements and tasks in an efficient and energy-saving manner
  • Constant fatigue or tiredness
  • A feeling of being externally controlled, as far as experiencing too little self-efficacy
  • Proven patterns do not work anymore
  • You are experiencing feelings of stagnation and being in a dead-end
  • Feelings of inner termination, occupational reorientation are in order, you are not experiencing them though
  • You cannot find a healthy balance of work and family

Coaching is not expert consultation - you are your own expert on harmonious, well-dosed solutions. Coaching is a solution-oriented process which develops your skillset, opens new rooms and transforms patterns for situations that have not worked in the past, through self-experience and supported self-discovery. New goal-oriented solution patterns are developed by creating a new and differentiated relationship you have with your "problem".

At the top of the list is a ressource-oriented scoping process to clarify the scope of the assignment on a level playing field, clarifying what you want to achieve or change. When you have defined your goal, we create rooms that empower you to find and develop solutions that you find helpful. More options are created to get to know alternative courses of action and prepare different implementation strategies through trial and error.


MindArt® Deep Transformation Coaching takes place in a protected environment - confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed, also towards the employer in the case of a company environment of course.

The coaching path is a curious, moving and exciting expedition through possibilities that you have not experienced as of yet. It allows for personal growth, especially in areas that previously seemed difficult to you.

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