We are experts for personality and organizational development. Our in-house trainings serve the prupose of personality development, ideally in the context of cultural development in a company. Mature employees are a key part of the success of the organization - conscious and reflected behavior enhances performance. Mature employees act consciously on the basis of their role and the necessary interplay of the culture that is a result of strategy and structure.

With the development of the personality of employees and leaders on aspects of said personality or on topics that relate to their personality you are sepcifically influencing the direction of your leadership and culture development. Personality development and culture development are two dimensions that complete and strengthen each other to improve the effectiveness in your company. Personal competencies are developed that are crucial for the direction of attitude and behavior. They form the basis for changes, other forms of work and a lively and goal-directed cooperation.

In-house trainings offer the chance of collective interconnectedness. Collective development promotes cooperation, improves the working climate and significantly increases motivation. The experience of "all being in the same boat" can be very formative and improve quality of everyday work.

Below you will find proven training formats that are tailored to your needs. All in-house trainings are offered in German and English of course, nationally and also at your international locations.

Seminars for employees and leaders

  • (En)courage - the courage to venture out and try new things
  • Trust – critically shaping leadership and cooperation through trust
  • Cultural intelligence 1 - understanding organizational culture, sustainably developing one's own personality and developing one's own role within the culture
  • Cultural intelligence 2 - organizational culture as a leader or HR professional

Seminars for leaders

  • Leader as a coach
  • Mindful  leadership

The human psyche and human behavior are universal dimensions. As experts for personality and organizational development we are more than happy to develop seminars for you - fitting exactly to your needs and your company culture. In-house leadership programs are always tailored to you. We are happy to advise.

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