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Completing a training course with multiple modules that spans over the course of months while working fulltime means making a significant investment. No matter if the financial costs are taken care of by your employer or you are paying yourself - in any case it is a significant investment of your own time.

When making this substantial investment though, it means  investing in yourself. Our training courses are investments in your personality. You are investing in your understanding of people, their way of communicating, your self-perception and your ability to interact with others and with yourself in an understanding and efficacious way. You are developing yourself and creating new possibilities. These resources can unfold and prosper in your current job, for example as a leader in flattening hierarchies, leading more and more with a coaching style or using a mediation approach to solve conflicts more efficiently and/or proactively preventing these. These are all possiblities you can also use in your completely new job - as a full-time or part-time coach or mediator.

We are convinced that emotional competencies for employees and leaders have been getting more and more important for many years now. Because of digitalization and increasing AI, processes are getting more automatised and the flatter hierarchies in this current decade will become more and more important. With our training courses we want to make a contribution to those who actively face this challenge - and see their personal capabilities as an essential factor for their future.

Training course to become a neurosystemic coach

Our coaching training course is based on the newest scientific findings on brain research, neuroscience, as well as research on impact factors for change work in coaching and consulting. You learn effective methods and interventions to accompany change processes.

The training course is very self-experience oriented, because feelings, experiences, attitudes and views are uniquely embodied with somatic markers in every person and they drive our behaviour. The bodily intelligence is a valuable store of knowledge and competence, also for the things that live in the unconscious and seem involuntary or automatic on the outside. We open the gate to this implicit knowledge for highly effective coaching processes and change processes.

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Training course to become a neurosystemic mediator

Our one-year mediator training course is based on the concepts and models of systemic consulting and modern mindfulness and experience based psychotherapy. The training course conveys a deep understanding of intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics and equips you with methods to effectively mediate conflicts between individuals and between teams.

With the help of the training course you develop your most important instrument as a mediator: your personality, so that the training course can also become an interesting and inspiring expedition to your own relationship with conflicts.

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International Coach Program

In Cooperation with Ireland & Winkel

The international coach program is the next level for leaders, professionals and sports coaches who want to feel more capable and confident in freeing potential and excellence in people. It aims to support you to deepen your understanding of how people learn, change, develop and perform in an intensive hybrid learning journey. 

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